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Laboratory for Therapeutic Particle Engineering

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Online Resources

  1. ChemDraw site license
  2. Purdue Stores Catalog
  3. MSDS database at Purdue
  4. Solvent database
  5. Solvent miscibility chart
  6. Spectra/Por Dialysis tube catalog
  7. PubChem Search
  8. DrugBank
  9. Clnical Pharmacology InFormulary
  10. Invitrogen Fluorescence-SpectraViewer
  11. Table of Fluorochromes
  12. Unit Converter
  13. Buffer design
  14. The Anatomy of the Laboratory Mouse by Margaret J. Cook
  15. Clinical Trials
  16. NCI Tumor repository
  17. Histology Learning System


  1. Purdue Internal NMR Service Request
  2. Purdue Discovery Park BioAnalytical Lab: Ultracentrifuge, Biacore, mass spectrometer
  3. Purdue Life Science Microscopy facility: SEM, TEM, fluorescence microscope
  4. Purdue Cytometry laboratories: FACS, confocal, fluorescence microscope
  5. Purdue Materials Science and Engineering facilities: SEM, TEM
  6. UIUC Center for Microanalysis of Materials

Science movie clips

  1. The inner life of the cell
  2. The inner life of the cell - full version
  3. Leukocyte rolling
  4. Leukocyte rolling 2
  5. RNA interference
  6. Tissue regeneration
  7. ABRAXANE Mechanism of action
  8. HHMI Biointeractive animations

Learn to wiki

  1. Simple editing examples
  2. Getting started with wiki
  3. Editing info
  4. Help forum

Purdue Links

  1. Purdue University
  2. Purdue IPPH
  3. Purdue BME

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