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<font face="candara" size=3 style="color:#000000"> Kang, Suwon (Senior)</font>
<font face="candara" size=3 style="color:#000000"> Kang, Suwon (Senior)</font>
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Principal Investigator

Yoon, Tae Hyun


Tae-Hyun Yoon is an assistant professor in the department of chemistry at Hanyang University (Seoul, South Korea). He is currently leading a research group - Nanoscale Characterization and Environmental Chemistry laboratory (NCEC Lab.) – with 8 members. He joined current position in 2005 after his ph.D degree/ postdoctoral studies in environmental science at Stanford university (1999~2005) as well as B.S./M.S. degree at KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology). His current research is focused on the 1) impacts of nanoparticles on biological & environmental systems and 2) application of microfluidic devices for environmental monitoring and toxicological assays. For more details, see his updated CV


Ly, Tin / Visiting Scholar

Graduate Students

Kim, Jong Yun / Ph.D

Kwon, Dongwook / M.Sc.+ Ph.D

Park, Jaehong / M.Sc.+ Ph.D

Park, Jonghoon / M.Sc.+ Ph.D

Nho, Hyunwoo / M.Sc.+ Ph.D

Jeon, Sookyung / M.Sc.

Choi, Seoyeon / M.Sc.

Undergraduate Students

Kim, Wan Jung (Senior)

Kang, Suwon (Senior)

Alumni (graduate program or above)

Choi, Hyeok Min (Researcher, 2010.04-2011.03)

Kim, Min Jung (M.Sc., 2010.02)

Yoo, Hyun Ju (M.Sc., 2010.02)

Lee, Song Hee (M.Sc., 2010.02)

Lim, Kook Hee (M.Sc., 2010.02)

Kim, Min Jung (M.Sc., 2010.02)

Park, Chansik (M.Sc., 2009.02)

Kim, Dohyun (M.Sc., 2008.02)

Kim, Jong Yun(M.Sc., 2008.02)

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