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Presentations & lectures

  1. Nov-14-2008 ASHG 2008 (Philadelphia, PA).
  2. Nov-04-2008 Metagenomics 2008 (La Jolla, CA).
  3. Oct-24-2008 UCSD BE281 seminar
  4. Oct-21-2008 IBC's 2008 Discovery2Diagnostic (San Diego, CA).
  5. Apr-24-2008 CHI Next Generation Sequencing Conference (San Diego, CA), "Targeted sequencing of the human genome and transcriptome."
  6. Apr-02-2008 UCSD-BILD94. "Bioinformatics in personal genomes."
  7. Mar-20-2008 NHGRI Sequencing Technology Grantee Meeting (La Jolla, CA), "Targeted Exome Resequencing with Gen-2 eMIPs."
  8. Feb-21-2008 UCSD-Research Expo2008.
  9. Jan-16-2008 UCSD-BENG1. "System biology and genetic individuality"
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