"What's "Marimo"?"

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 What’s MARIMO??

      Marimo is known as the "Lake Ball" or "Moss Ball" in English. In Japanese, Marimo literally means "ball of seaweed". The structure of marimo is very attractive.Although some Marimo live as filaments attached to rocks, Marimo that live in Lake Akan, Hokkaido are sphere due to the various environmental factors and conditions. It is one of the most characteristic plants in Hokkaido.
      Sicne we love Hokkaido where we live, we wanted to imitate something special from Hokkaido. When we saw green gel including thylakoid membrane, we could not help forming the gel into a globe, looks like Marimo.We use Marimo gel which is similar to Marimo in that both of them are green sphere. Marimo gel can produce ATP by utilizing the energy of light and supply ATP for biomolecular motor.

distributed by NPO法人 阿寒観光協会まちづくり推進機構 AKAN tourism info

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