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Culture Medium


  • DMEM (high glucose = 4.5 g/L), with supplements listed below
  • 2 mM L-Glutamine
  • 100 U/ml Penicillin/Streptomycin
  • 0.1 mM β-ME
  • 0.1 mM Non-Essential Amino Acid (NEAA)
  • 10-15% Fetal Bovine Serum (Atlantic Biologic, Inc., Atlanta, GA)
    • ATCC recommends 15%, but in the past we have used 10% without problems.
  • Leukemia Inhibitory Factor (LIF), 1000U/mL - LIF helps stem cells maintain their undifferentiated state


  1. Mix all medium components together except LIF. For 0.5 L DMEM, use
    • 50 mL FBS
    • 5 mL NEAA
    • 5 mL P/S or P/S/G (check concentration of stock!)
    • 1 mL β-ME
  2. Sterile filter using a 0.2 μm bottle-top filter.
  3. Add the LIF in a sterile fashion. For, example
    • For 0.5 L of medium, pipet 1 mL of medium into a sterile eppendorf tube using a serological pipet.
    • Using a pipetman, add 50 μL LIF to the eppendorf tube. Submerge no more than necessary.
    • Use a serological pipet to return the 1 mL of concentrated LIF to the 0.5 L of medium.
    • The method above best keeps the pipetman barrel away from the sterile medium.

Pre-Transformation Medium

Culture medium above, less Pen/Strep. (Do add Glutamine.)

Freeze Medium

  • 10% DMSO
  • 10% extra FCS
  • 80% standard culture medium
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