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Course overview

The field of synthetic biology is quickly emerging as potentially one of the most important and profound ways by which we can understand and manipulate our physical world for desired purposes. While synthetic biology builds upon existing areas, such as genetic engineering, systems biology, and non-biological fields such as computer science, it is becoming evident that synthetic biology represents its own new engineering discipline. At the heart of Synthetic Biology is the aim to make the engineering of new biological function predictable, safe, and quick and to aid in creating biological applications of benefit to society. In this course the field and its natural scientific and engineering basis are introduced. Relevant topics in cellular and molecular biology and biophysics, dynamical and engineering systems, and design and operation of natural and synthetic circuits are covered in a concise manner that than allows the student to begin to design new biology-based systems.

Course information:

  • Units: 3-0-9
  • Schedule: TR 11-12:30
  • Room: 9-057


  • Graduate-H
  • BioEECS Engineering Concentration
  • Restricted Course 20 Elective
  • Graduate & undergraduate students with various backgrounds are encouraged to enroll.

Recent updates to the course

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