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Cloning of the OmcF gene Main project page
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  • We began the Transformation process of adding our vector, psB2k3, with promoter BBa_I0500 to E.coli
  • We successfully plated our transformed E. coli onto three different types of media, We created two types of controls, positive and negative. For the positive control we transformed an AmpR vector into the E.coli to make sure there was not a problem with our bacteria being able to uptake the vectors and then plated in on an AmpR LB media plate and onto a Kanamycin plate to test for the effectiveness of the Kanamycin. For our negative control, we transformed just water into our E.coli to test the growth ability of our E.coli to confirm that no issues with the bacteria itself exists. We plated this on regular LB media. Lastly we plated our KanR vector+E.coli onto Kanamycin plates. and let incubate and then refrigerate
  • On Thursday,our bacteria was shipped from the University of Massachusetts and thus we began working on the DNA extraction
  • We were able to make it through the first half of the extraction process, adding our buffer, removing the supernatant, adding TE, SDS, and EDTA, incubated it, added isopropanol and let store until the next class period

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