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  • Today, we photographed the gel from 11.01.2012. After photographing both gels, we cut out the bands from the 350bp and 450bp regions. We stored these gel slices at -20°C for further DNA extraction next week.

  • 1 percent agarose gel
  • 1. 100-base pair ladder
  • 2-4. Replicates of primered set


  • Conclusion: These samples banded like all others before. We can use this for further extraction.

  • 1.8 percent agarose gel
    1. Positive control
    2. 100 base-pair ladder
    3. sfmr frag w/o DNA (neg control)
    4. primered set w/o DNA (neg control)
    5. mfsr frag w/o DNA (neg control)
    6. 100 base-pair ladder
    7. sfmr frag w/ DNA
    8. primered set w/ DNA
    9. mfsr frag w/ DNA
    10. 100 base-pair ladder
    11. primered replicate
    12. primered replicate

  • Conclusion: Positive and negative controls check ok. For comparison, the primered set does have new, distinct banding from both fragments. After further calculations, our total product length should be ~350bp. A previous calculation did not take the overlap region between fragments into consideration. We will extract both the 350 and 450-bp regions to be certain. The replicates also look usable in this gel.
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