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Tuesday 4/21

Derek and Katy

  • We ran an aragose gel on our PCR amplification of wintergreen x 10.
  • We did not have good results and neither of our controls worked.
  • After seeing that our PCR had not worked, we decide to do another PCR that was similar.
  • The only difference between this PCR(our final wintergreen PCR) and the one we ran last week was that we used diluted VFR and VFF primers. Our previous wintergreen PCR's were used with undiluted primers.
  • On Thursday Derek and I will ran another gel and hopefully see better results.


  • Inoculated cultures of varying concentrations of arabinose in order to test for expression.

Oggie and Casy

  • Prepared new digests of our extracted plasmid and gene to verify the presence of each
  • Used less volume and longer incubation time
  • Previous results were too vague
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