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Checking on the Results of our Second Transformation

  • We came in today to check on the results of yesterdays transformation. We saw growth on 7 out of the nine experimental plates. Growth on our control plate without antibiotics indicated that the cells were viable and a lack of growth on the control plate with antibiotics showed that the contaminant in the SOB broth did not effect the resistance of the cells.
  • Of the colonies present we plated 36 on 9 plates. We divided the plates into quadrants and carefully smeared the colonies into their own respective quadrants using a fisher loop.
  • We are hoping that at least one of these colonies contains one of the six plasmids we transformed yesterday. If they do we can begin with the rest of our project by making overnight liquid cultures on Monday and isolate the plasmid on Tuesday. If they do not, sadly, yet again we will be forced to reconsider our project.

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