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Preparing Lipid Films

The purpose of this was to be able to use the lipids prepared for future use.


  1. CHCl3
  2. MeOH
  3. Lipid vial


  1. Make 8mL of 3:1 CHCl3:MeOH (6mL:2mL)
  2. Add 2.5mL of CHCl3:MeOH solution to 1 lipid vial (2 vials total)
  3. Take 1 mL of lipid/CHCl3:MeOH solution and place in 4mL vial (5vials total)
  4. Dry using roto-evaporator
  5. Place vial in desicator overnight to thoroughly dry
  6. Store aliquot in freezer for future use
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