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These are the available positions for the 2006/2007 BE graduate student board. Click on the position titles for some more information about the positions or to contact the current position holders. The descriptions below are guidelines based on previous years board initiatives. The numbers in brackets indicate the number of positions available. If you are enthusiastic about new initiatives or would like to see things done differently please contact us and we'd be happy to discuss any proposed changes with you. In short, if you have time and energy to contribute, we can make room for you!

In a change to previous years, we are trialing giving each of the Academic Chairs defined roles. While we would like people to nominate themselves for individual academic chair positions, the three academic chairs are expected to work as a team on their initiatives. Again, if there are other initiatives you would like to see organized, please let us know.

Coordinator (2)

  • Organize (including preparing an agenda and ordering food) and run monthly BE board meetings.
  • Ensure that BE board initiatives are carried out.
  • Serve as contacts between the students and the faculty/administration.

Secretary (1)

  • Record meeting minutes.
  • Supervise the BE Board wiki/website (
  • Put together posters and/or other advertising material for the BE Student Board.
  • Organize the quarterly BE newsletter.
  • Potential for proposal and implementation of new initiatives

Treasurer (1)

  • Maintain an updated budget.
  • Draft the budget for the following year.
  • Keep committee members informed about their budget status.
  • Check expenditures with the BE office monthly.

IM Athletic Chair (2)

  • Advertize available IM sports to BE students and faculty
  • Organize teams for the sports where interest exists (~10 teams per year)
  • Find captains for each team if possible. It is not the sports chairs' responsibility to captain teams.
  • Represent BE at the IM sports affiliation meetings once per semester.
  • Ensure necessary equipment and jerseys are bought for BE IM teams.
  • Manage the BE IM sports finances.

Very low time commitment with slight peaks at the start of both semesters.

Social Chair (3)

  • Plan and organize monthly social events such as the TGIFs.
  • Help organize division events like BBQs, BE retreat, and the Holiday Party.

Academic Chair (3)

While everyday responsibilities will be shared between the three academic chairs, each will serve as point for an event to ensure the continual success of each event.

Community Service Chair (1)

  • Organize events for BE students to participate in community service projects.

GSC Representatives (2)

  • Represent BE at meetings of the Graduate Student Council; keep the BE board informed about the GSC.
  • Monitor the BE Board's ASA membership.
  • Seek additional funding for BE events through GSC & ASA.

First-year representative (1)

  • Elected in October.
  • Represent 1st year views and opinions to the board.
  • Assist with other Board activities such as first year study breaks and potentially serving as a second GSC representative.
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