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Team DNAbeans 2014


Virtual Maya Representation of the Tall Rectangle Origami

Over the summer the DNAbeans made strides towards our goal of a macroscopic array of DNA arranged asymmetrical nanoparticles. We functionalized the gold nanodots and landed the particles on the DNA origami in our desired configuration. The origami was shown to roll up and upon the addition of the particles and the spacing was regular as well as desired. The gold nanoparticles were spaced approximately 10 nm apart an ideal distance for enhancement. We began with a DNA origami design that was optimized for the M13 DNA sequence. The design is similar to a tall rectangle with the addition of long kitetails to assist directionality. A virtual maya representation is shown.

Cartoon Depiction of a Tall Rectangle

Next we functionalized the gold nanoparticles with a DNA linker in order to bind to the DNA origami. To do this we swapped the protective ligand citrate on the gold nanoparticles with a thiol terminated DNA strand. This bound the single strand to the gold nanoparticle giving the particle direction.

After an annealing process the gold nanoparticles were bound to the origami. We bound five gold nanoparticles to the origami in straight lines and took SEM images of the results. Below are the images in which you can see the gold nanoparticles aligned.

Gold Nanoparticles on Tall Rectangle Origami I

Unfortunately the yield from our annealing process was too low in order to be used for electrospinning. The resulting yields would not have been present in an observable quantity in the electrospun fibers. Further steps would be increasing the yield to achieve an electrospun sample. Additional options we are pursuing include using different particles including quantum dots of different compositions, janus particles (composed of two differing metals such as gold and silver), and gold nanorods of differing sizes. Each of these comes with its own functionalization procedure that must be developed and optimized.

Gold Nanoparticles on Tall Rectangle Origami II
Gold Nanoparticles on Tall Rectangle Origami III
Gold Nanoparticles on Tall Rectangle Origami IV
Gold Nanoparticles on Tall Rectangle Origami V

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