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The Biomicro Center's share of BMCPub is used to distribute Illumina data on the MIT campus. When your data is available, a username and password will be emailed to you. The following instructions are designed to help you download your data.

  • Right Click on "My Computer"
  • Select "Map Network drive"
  • Enter Folder "\\\biomicropublic"
  • Select "different username"
  • Name (provided by us)
  • Password (provided by us)
  • Attach a server
  • Locate the "GO" on the drop down menu header
  • Drop down to " Connect to Server" OR use "Command K"
  • Enter "cifs://"
  • Connect
  • Name (provided by us)
  • Password (provided by us)
  • enter
  • Email and password mailed to you.

Once you have mounted the server, finished data are typically placed in the directory "Illumina/<LABNAME>/Date/".

Please contact Stephen Goldman if you have any difficulties.

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