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Nucleic acid import into mitochondria in vivo


  • Author - method - mitochondria type
  • Souza et al. - DQAsomes, DNA-MLS conjugate - in vivo mammalian mitochondria
    • DQAsomes release DNA near to mitochondria.
    • MLS is conjugated to the dsDNA via a commercial "genegrip".
    • Doesn't work if you use a liposome rather than a DQAsome.
  • Khan et al. - PTD-MLS-TFAM-DNA conjugate - in vivo mammalian mitochondria
    • Similar idea to Souza et al. but they use a PTD to get it into the cells. Does the MLS not need to be on the end? They use TFAM instead of "genegrip".
  • Koulintchenko et al. - linear dsDNA - isolated plant mitochondria
  • Vestweber et al. - 5' DNA crosslinking with signal sequence - isolated yeast mitochondria
  • Seibel et al. - mid-sequence amino-modified deoxythimidine crosslinking with signal sequence - isolated rat liver mitochondria
  • Yoon et al. - bacterial conjugation - isolated mouse mitochondria
  • Koulintchenko et al. - natural competence - isolated mammalian mitochondria


  • Yeast tRNA - protein complex - in vivo yeast mitochondria
  • MRP complex - short RNA-protein complex - in vivo yeast, mammalian mitochondria
  • Bhattacharyya et al. - tRNA-like aptamers - Leishmania, isolated mitochondria.
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