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Tian Yu (Post-doc)


Development of the cerebellum

The cerebellum is derived from dorsal rhombomere 1 in the embryo. Previous studies have demonstrated the importance of FGF signals for the maintenance and patterning of r1 in the early embryo. All four Sprouty genes (Spry1-4), which encode feedback antagonists of Fgf signalling, are expressed in the mid-hindbrain (MH) organiser and MH-specific Spry1;2 and Spry1;2;4 knockout embryos exhibit enlarged cerebellar primordia as expected. The expression pattern of FGF and Sprouty genes during later stages of cerebellar development imply roles for these genes in precursors of various cerebellar cell types such as Bergmann glia, granule and Purkinje neurons. My aim is to investigate the roles of Sprouty genes, and the possible function of FGF signalling during cerebellum development.
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