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Project Overview

The plant group at BioCurious [1] consists of a group of plant bio enthusiasts approaching research from a DIYbio perspective. We are joined by a plant bio expert, Kyle Taylor PhD. Subgroups focus on: algae, pluripotent carrot cells, changing the micronutrient profile of alfalfa, petunias, and exploring new methods in molecular biology (GoldenBraid, for example). We currently hold discussions weekly in person and over a Google Group [2]. Scheduled events appear on our Google Calendar [3].

Below are a list of lab skills, we as the Plant Bio Community at BioCurious believe EVERY member of the Plant Biology Group should learn. While we are committed to help you, ultimately YOU are in control of how proactive you are in developing and mastering these skills.

  • Member can measure with accuracy and precision volumes of reagents using the appropriate micropipette (P1000, P200, P20, P10, and P2).
  • Member knows the basics of aseptic technique and can minimize contamination.
  • Member can make, supplement with antibiotics, and aliquot media (MUST have prior training on autoclave).
  • Member can prepare common lab stocks or find where/how to prepare them.
  • Member knows fundamentals of experimental design including positive and negative controls, importance of an assay, and the value of quantifying the results.
  • Member knows the basics of keeping a lab notebook including format, organization, and content.


  • Visitors: As our notebook is being developed, please e-mail
  • Example: This project is currently on hold until further notice.

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