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The team would first and foremost like to thank Jørgen Kjems and Ebbe S. Andersen for creating the opportunity to work under such free and inspiring conditions. Thanks to all the people in the lab for all their help during this project, especially Jesper S. Nielsen whose guidance was much appreciated. A huge thanks to Mette Jepsen and Victoria Birkedal for their help in all aspects of the FRET studies. Thanks to Henrik Birkedal for very educative and inspirational supervising during SAXS measurements and thanks to Manja Anette Behrens, Jan Skov Pedersen and Cristiano Oliveira for help with execution of the SAXS experiments and the following work with data interpretation. Thanks to Jesper B. Bramsen for great supervision during execution of the dual-luciferase assay as well as in vitro Dicer experiments. Also a special thanks to Anders Okholm for his help with the project and Rasmus S. Sørensen for his valuable inputs. Thanks to Jeppe Kristensen at the Department of Chemistry for his help with the HPLC experiments. A special thanks to Kenneth Sejdenfaden Bøgh for staying up late to set up our wiki page. Finally a very great thanks to the organizers of the BIOMOD competition for giving us a great challenge, opportunity and kick start of our further career.

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