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Monday (2011-06-06)

  • This morning we began with a brainstorming session and discussed a few different box designs that we hope to represent as caDNAno files.
  • Throughout the day, I designed a six sided box with parallel helices and a hole in one side. My initial inclination is to create a staple-lock-staple mesh over the designed hole to contain cargo that is loaded into the box pre-folding. This mesh could (irreversibly) be removed using a key strand or a designed restriction enzyme site at staple-staple interfaces.
  • Below is one of the scariest looking caDNAno screens after hitting auto-staple

  • Below is a screenshot of the cleaner, and much less intimidating, CanDo output. It looks like the design was a success! Now to design a cover for the hole that can be opened by a separate mechanism...

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