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Thursday (2011-06-23)

  • This morning I worked on determining the hydrodynamic radium of five of the species of gold nanoparticles we synthesized yesterday with Peter. Below you will find some data outputs from the DLS machine, which overall showed that the more gold particles from a stock solution of 5nm particles introduced to a given volume of AuCl yielded smaller gold aggregates (more particles = more locations for the aqueous gold to bind, such that an individual pre-formed gold particle will be smaller if there are more pre-formed gold particles in solution.
  • This afternoon I worked on updating the wiki and used Illustrator to create a model for the Disulfide Model of opening our sphere.
  • Later this afternoon we presented our work at the Yin lab group meeting!

Disulfide Linkers as a Mechanism to Open the Sphere

Hydrodynamic Radius of Particles after Addition of 500 uL of 5nm Au Particle Stock Solution