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Photocleavage Test Results

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Test 1

  • Photocleavage Test 1: Using two strands with internal photocleavable spacers, directly from manufacturer-shipped tubes
  • 10% TBE PAGE gel, 15 minute 365 nm UV exposure for "cleaved" strands
Figure 1.

Test 2

  • Photocleavage Test 2: using gel-purified uncleaved strands from Photocleavage Test 1
    • We did this because there was some background photocleavage in Test 1
    • We also wanted to test a longer exposure to UV light
    • This experiment was successful: we saw nearly complete conversion to the cleaved product.
  • 10% TBE PAGE gel, 1 hour 365 nm UV exposure for "cleaved" strands
Figure 2. Figure 3.

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