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Project Goals

  1. Make an aggregating molecule with single strand appendages.
  2. Introduce reversible binding between aggregator and target molecule..

Project Steps [planned]:

  1. Instead of directly making an aggregator molecule of a big size [greater than 0.2 microns] make a smaller aggregator molecule.
  2. Test whether we can actually make a molecule which has single strand appendages on it.
  3. Take an image to confirm structure.
  4. Make a larger aggregator molecule.
  5. Introduce reversible binding.

Project steps accomplished:

  1. We made the Cadnano design of the large aggregator molecule
  2. We made the Cadnano design of a small aggregator molecule
  3. We made the small aggregator molecule
  4. Due to technical difficulties in equipment, we could not obtain AFM or TEM images
  5. We proposed a different method to test whether the structure was actually made or not by the following 2 methods:
    • Measuring absorbance at 260nm before the annealing reaction and after the reaction, and comparing them.
    • Running a gel to locate our structure near the bands of expected molecular weight markers.

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