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Faculty Advisor

Prof. N Manoj

Graduate Mentors

Nikhil Srinivasan And Satish

Undergraduate members


The "angry, young man" of the group; Abhinav has unparalleled skill in reading research literature which he sifts through faster than you go through a magazine at a dental appointment. An ace swimmer, he has also won several plaudits in the pool. His affinty for water extends outside the pool with a keen interest in marine biology.


They say good things come in small packages; well by that analogy Amit is pretty great. He is good with numbers and loves to fit models on a given data. A math enthusiast, Amit seeks to pursue a career in the same. Besides being excellent in the laboratory, Amit also excels in academics with grades that could make anyone go green with envy.


A creative genius who comes up with ideas faster than you can count. He is also in possession of some of the most impressive oratory skills. Dharav aims to pursue a career in cognitive sciences where he believe his creative spark will come in handy.


Aristotle, Plato, Govind... well those are the philosophers we are aware of. Armed with an endless list of philosophies which will hopefully be published someday; the "Guruji" is an avid programmer in his free time which is most of the time. He is the go-to guy for all our tech-related problems. Bioinformatics is Govind's field of interest as it combines his skills of biology with his love of coding.


Nisarg is the one expected to do the mature thing in times of crisis; when he is awake that is. A jack-of-all-trades, Nisarg is enthusiastic about biology in general and is unsure of what he wishes to specialize in but is sure to succeed in whatever he does.


He's the guy who knows a guy who knows a guy. Whatever you need Suraj knows where to get it. Blessed with a shrewd business sense Suraj applies the same to his academic life with impressive skills in the field of linear optimization. He has entrepreneural aspirations; a wise choice given his interests.


The guy who adds the fun element to the group. Tanmay is a music devotee which unfortunately means he overrates his own singing abilites. The encyclopedia of the group, Tanmay uses enviable amounts of knowledge to his benefit in the quizzing arena. A chemistry enthusiast since high school, biochemistry is the field for Tanmay.

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