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25th Aug 2011

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Determined Concentrations of Labeled Oligos

  • Absorption coefficients of unlabeled oligos were determined with dilution series.
  • Concentrations of labeled oligos were determined using these absorption coefficients at 260 nm.

Spectra showed an unexplicable offset despite proper blanking, so these measurements just indicate an order of magnitude, exact concentrations might differ.

  • Results:
    • the_U_175_Atto550_ddCTP: 6.7 µM
    • the_U_183_Atto550_ddCTP: 1.1 µM
    • the_U_197_Atto550_ddCTP: 2.6 µM
    • the_U_204_Atto647N_ddUTP: 3.9 µM
    • the_U_218_Atto647N_ddUTP: 1.3 µM
    • the_U_225_Atto647N_ddUTP: 2.6 µM