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16th Sep 2011

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Preparation of Grids for TEM

According to standard protocol

Each sample contained BM2 purified by filtration and diluted 1/5 with FOB20. Samples:

  • BM2 control without DNA-binders
  • BM2 with 10 µM spermine
  • BM2 with 30 µM spermine
  • BM2 with 100 µM spermine
  • BM2 with 25 µM ethidium bromide
  • BM2 with 75 µM ethidium bromide
  • BM2 with 250 µM ethidium bromide

Fluorescence Microscopic Measurements from 2011/09/15

could not be processed, since data were not saved properly, no complete data sets were available.
measurements should be repeated