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27th Sep 2011

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Folding Fluorophore labeled Structures with Adapter Staples for Immobilisation

We folded similar structures as at the 2nd September, but with additional seven adapter staples for immobilisation for fluorescence microscopy. For twist measurements, we folded structures BM12 to BM20 (corresponding to BM3 to BM11, but with the adapters) and further more we tried a new FRET pair for analyzing changes in length. This pair is used in BM21, with donor only and acceptor only controls BM22 and BM23. See the structure page for an overview.

The fluorophore-labeled oligonucleotides from 19th September were used for the folding batches. Again 10┬Ál of each labeled oligonucleotide were applied, thus using a higher excess for these important staples.
The procedure was the same as used on 2nd Septmeber.
Furthermore, we folded a new sample of BM2 for further TEM measurements.