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The master plan


Experimental set up

  1. Design of the structure
  2. Folding and purification
  3. Description of effects of DNA binders
  1. Design of the structure
  2. Labeling of oligonucleotides
  3. Folding and purification
  4. Description of effects of DNA binders

Design of the structure






Purification of the structure


Characterization of the structure

Analyzing folding quality and yield using the TEM. Functionality will be examined using spectroscopic techniques like the rt-PCR and TIRF.

Characterization of DNA-binders

Recording of the spectra of the DNA-binders to avoid interferences with the fluorophores used.

Measurements of the structure and DNA-binders

Testing of different DNA-binder-concentrations and evaluation of their effects on the origami using TEM and TIRF.

Wie sind wir vorgegangen. Welche Experimente wurden warum und wann gemacht.

-Spektren der Stoffe aufnehmen und parallel dazu Design der Struktur -TEM -FRET