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TUM NanU - Startseite


Nanobiology offers a great opportunity to design anything you can imagine. At the beginning of this project we there were many ideas we discussed and finally we decided to build a DNA based sensor. We wanted to design a structure, that enables you to identify the influence DNA intercalating or binding molecules have on twist and length of the DNA using FRET labeld staples. The advantage of FRET on the one hand is the easy detection via flourecent measurements and on the other hand the easy positioning of the labels on the structur. The TEM pictures we took are a control to confirm our results from the FRET experiments.

'''You can take a look at our structure below. Follow the link to take a quick tour of the wiki. The links on the right lead to elements we think might beinteresting additions to the core project. Or just head for the main menu above if you know what you're looking for.''' (hab ich nur kopiert)



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