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Model of the free moving mode


To realize functional autonomous molecular robot, the robot needs to be able to move at all times because it guarantees the molecular robot not to stop and become uncontrollable. Furthermore, this characteristic is very useful for moving molecular robot to the area. We make “free moving mode” to give DNA ciliate the character. In free moving mode, DNA ciliate moves freely and at random in the space. We use Brownian motion to move DNA ciliate in this mode.


The equation of Brownian motion.
The equation of Brownian motion.
There are two problems to moves DNA ciliate by Brownian motion. One problem is the thing which the effect of Brownian motion to large materials becomes smaller than the effect of Brownian motion to small materials. The other problem is the thing which unexpected phenomenon happens in some materials for body.
To solve above two problems, by try and error, we designed a relevant material and size for free moving mode.
The movement by Brownian motion is described by the right equation. The left side is the mean square displacement from the initial coordinate: x0. On the other hand, R is gas constant, T is the absolutely temperature,f is mobility and NA means Avogadro number. In those constants, f is dependent on the material’s diameter and density, so f can be changed by selecting materials. By optimization of DNA ciliate’s material, we tried to give free moving mode to DNA ciliate.

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