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Free moving mode


To check DNA ciliate’s free moving mode, we tried to observe DNA ciliate’s Brownian motion on a glass plate. We used same solution when we checked deoxyribozyme activity. The solution is 3% BSA in 1x SSC and the size of DNA ciliate is 200nm (A) and 1um (B). We spotted the solution which DNA ciliates are diffused to glass plate. After that, we put cover glass on it and observed these DNA ciliates by a phase-contrast microscope and took videos.


The left two videos are used DNA ciliates which are 200 nm in diameter. The right two videos are used DNA ciliates which are 1 um in diameter. The lower videos are enlarged videos of the upper videos. The lower videos are used for taking mote of single DNA ciliate.

[Video](A) [Video](B)

Discussions and conclusions

First, we discuss the experimentation’s appropriate. To check free moving mode, it was necessary to check DNA ciliate’s movement in solution. By taking videos, we could see the movement of DNA ciliate in solution. Furthermore, the movement is not affected by wind because the solution is isolated from the external environment through cover glass. Because of above two things, this experimentation is appropriate for checking DNA ciliate’s movement.
Second, we discuss the movement of DNA ciliate in these videos. In both videos, many DNA ciliates moved freely and randomly in the solution. Some DNA ciliates didn’t move because they were crystallization or located at the surface of slide glass or cover glass. To compare two videos, the DNA ciliate which is 200 nm in diameter moves more strongly than the DNA ciliate which is 1 um in diameter.
In conclusion, DNA ciliate’s Brownian motion is very intense and at random, so we can say we confirmed free moving mode. Especially, DNA ciliate which is 200 nm moves strongly. By using this mode, DNA ciliate can move on non-DNA glass plate and search other DNAs which can react with deoxyribozyme.


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