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Research Institute of Biomolecule Metrology Co., Ltd. is a trading, R&D and manufacturing-type venture capital organization. Our aim is to lead the technological advancement for measurements in nano-biology, a field which integrates biotechnology and nanotechnology. Through our bio-molecular measurement division, we develop various scanning probe microscopes that have unique features and reliable functionalities. With each device, our skilled staff can also provide operation software that is specialized to the customer’s need.

Tokyo Tech 130th anniversary

In the project for the 130th anniversary of Tokodai, "Tokodai 130," Tokodai will appeal for responses to various global issues from many quarters based upon the Monodzukuri (Hands-on Technology) tradition. We will make the most efficient and productive use possible of the features of research and education at the university, conforming to the high expectations that society and the world have placed on us. By further developing the collaboration with industry, government and academia that has been cultivated so far, we will tackle the difficult problems before us.

Collaboration Center for Design and Manufacturing

Collaboration Center for Design and Manufacturing (CODAMA) is open for Tokyo Tech students. It supports all of the Tokyo_tech students who want to do scientific experiments and producing unique products.

Aizawa Foundation

Aizawa Foundation was established by Masuo Aizawa,the ex-President of Tokyo Tech. The purpose of the Foundation is to support students financially, especially those who belong to the department of bioscience and biotechnology.

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