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Solution preparation

(1) Nanoparticle solution preparation
250μl of nanoparticle stock solution (conc.=40mg/ml) is diluted with 1750μl HBSS (Concentration: 5mg/ml)
Solution with concentration 5 times as working concentration is prepared here.
Total volume 500μl for each concentration

(2) SiRNA containing solution preparation:<br/> For each well, 300μl of nanoparticle solution is needed for treatment.
For SiRNA containing nanoparticle solution
60μl is added to 240 μl serum free medium to dilute 5 times.
Total volume: 60x 2(duplicates) x2(with magnetic field/without magnetic field)=240μl
Take in account the pipetting error, 240μl -> 320μl for each concentration solution containing nanoparticles

SiRNA stock concentration:40μM
SiRNA concentration needed for treatment 200nM
SiRNA concentration for nanoparticle solution preparation: 1000nM
( *Remarks:The final concentration of SiRNA containing nanoparticle solution is not calculated here.)
40*1000*X=1000(concentration)*320 X=8
Remarks: if under this condition, the nanoparticle is too concentrated for conjugation.

For SiRNA containing incomplete medium solution (experiment 9,10)
Volume of SiRNA containing medium
= 60μlx2 (duplicates) x 2(experiment 9,10)

Take in account of pipetting error, 240μl-> 320μl
After adding SiRNA to both nanoparticle and HBSS solution, the tubesare stored in 4 centigrade refrigerator to allow conjugating overnight for 24hrs.

Cell Seeding

(1)Precoat the 4 well plate
(2) Seeding cells
After cell count, calculate the volume should be added into each well according to the cell number of 5x104 cells/well.
Place in incubator overnight to allow cell growth

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