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    We have set 3 goals, that is "Energy production for rail-free movement", "Speeding up", and "Direction control".


Vapor deposition of Au and Cr on the polystyrene body

    Vapor deposition is a method for forming a thin metal film on the surface of the substrate. In this project, Gold and Chromium were deposited on the polystyrene beads in order to conjugate specific DNA onto the determined location on the surface.
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Image: BIOMODPVDM1.png

1st Deposition

First, we deposit gold on the polystyrene-bead in order to make gold hemisphered body.

2nd Deposition

Next, we change the direction of beads, and deposit chromium on the body. Then we pick up polystyrene-bead, which are deposited by quarter gold and half chromium. By chromium capping, this "head part" is prevented to conjyugate DNA strands, so platinum only mounted at the rear.

After PVD

Through twice of physical vapor deposition,
  • we conjugate thiol modified DNA onto gold part.
  • we conjugate amino modified DNA onto polystyrene part.
  • There are no DNA staple strands on chromium hemisphere.
Therefore, platinum particles can't conjugate onto chromium hemisphere.
As a result, JET starts to move toward chromium hemisphere heading.

DNA conjugation


    We bond Au with DNA using thiol.

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EDAC     We bond polystyrene-beads with DNA using EDAC.

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DNA Design

    We used NUPACK and designed five strands of DNA.

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Observation of platinum hemisphere

DNA hybridization in solution of H2O2

    We used PAGE electrophoresis to ascertain the stability of DNA duplex in thin H₂O₂ solution 1%~5%.

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Analysis of platinum by High-speed camera

Energy production by using catalase

Dissociation of azobenzene-modified DNA by UV-light irradiation

    Azobenzene including DNA can easily dissociate its duplex by irradiating UV-light. We put this switching system in JET body and enabled its control.

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