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The result of DNA hybridization in solution of hydrogen peroxide

    This image shows the observation results of DNA hybridization in solution of Hydrogen peroxide for 90minutes.From the picture, the hybridized DNA band appear in lane 1,2,3&8. In lane 4,5,6&7 appears single strand band. Lane1&8 are the same, lane 2 & 3 are added hydrogen peroxide solution (1% and 5% for 1h)for 90 minutes. In Lane 5&7 shows the observation results of single strand DNA (ssDNA) in solution of Hydrogen peroxide. In lane 4&6 are the control band of ssDNA.
    Upper white dotted line represents the same position of Lane 1&8 in that they are the same sample. Comparing between 4.5.6&7, these 4 lines appear lower than the white line, and 4-5and 6-7 are few differences. If hydrogen peroxide affects ssDNA, destroy, tear up or denature, line 5 and 7 will appear in the lower position or becomes unclear. Judging from appearances, differences between positive and negative control ware few.Comparing 1,2,3 and 8,these lines are completely appear in the white bar.Differences between these lines are only concentration of hydrogen peroxide. So, we conclude that there is no influence of hydrogen peroxide for DNA hybridizations however DNA is exposed to hydrogen peroxide within 90minutes.So, we could determine that there is no effect of hydrogen peroxide for dsDNA as well as ssDNA.
image of DNA hybridization
image of DNA hybridization
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