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Meet the NanoMechanists

Columbia University NanoMechanists


Amy Jobe earned her bachelor's in biology in 2010 from Cornell, near her small upstate hometown. She is currently pursuing a PhD in biology at Columbia, in Joachim Frank's lab. The lab produces and studies high-resolution structures of ribosomes with cryo-electron microscopy, both in order to understand the mechanism of protein translation and to identify potential drug targets on the ribosomes of parasites. In the long run, though, her plan is to either save the world from climate change or at least become a better rock climber.


Tim Sauder is currently a Columbia Undergraduate Senior. He currently works under Milan Stojanovic at Columbia University Medical Center studying nucleic acid based nano-structures. Fun fact: Tim found skydiving to be just as he expected it to be... remarkably boring.


Parth Trivedi is a Cornell University undergraduate student currently pursuing a B.S. in Chemical Engineering, with a Molecular Biology Engineering concentration. He hopes to either go on to getting a PhD and working in the pharmaceuticals industry or going to med school and becoming a doctor. His favorite class thus far has been Physical Chemistry. In his free time, Parth enjoys playing basketball and writing raps.


Masa is a current senior at Tenafly High School. He wants to major in Biomedical Engineering next year as he enrols in college. Current research lies in DNA based nano-structures with the DNA origami method. He likes to play ping pong on his down time.

Stojanovic Research Group
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