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DNA Screw - Komaba Team





DNA screw

 The Komaba team will develop a new molecular motor based on DNA origami, and the particularity of this motor is that the circular movement involved a cylinder and a ring. Rotation move is exploited from DNA walker which advance in a certain one direction by cutting a DNA footing with DNAzyme. The ring is connected with DNA walker, and on the surface of the cylinder DNA footings are set out with a spiral line.

 DNA Screw will greatly contribute to the practical realization of tricky movement of the biomolecular-machine, because its circular movement has many applications. We are, for example, aiming to make a DNA structure with this screw moving like a submarine, which swim by rotating on the principle of the propeller. Alternatively, DNA screw will be able to make a pore on a vesicle like a drill. Moreover, these functions will develop into an autonomous DNA robot in combination with DNA sensors. As described above, DNA screw will be a giant step toward creating surprising DNA machines.


DNA Screw - Komaba Team

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