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BIOMOD 2013 - DNA Screw - Komaba Team





DNA screw

The Komaba team will develop a new molecular motor based on DNA origami, and the particularity of this motor is that the circular movement involved a cylinder and a ring. Rotation move is exploited from DNA walker which advance in a certain one direction by cutting a DNA footing with DNAzyme. The ring is connected with DNA walker, and on the surface of the cylinder DNA footings are set out with a spiral line. DNA screw should have better stability and operability than other biomolecular motor like kinesin, because it is "artificial" products of "DNA material". Therefore this technology will greatly contribute to the practical realization of tricky movement of biomolecular-machine. We are, in particular, aiming to make a DNA structure with this screw moving like a submarine and transporting some materials. Moreover, the function of chemotaxis that microbes have would be created only with DNAs by controlling this submarine with DNA sensors, and this is a giant step toward creating fully autonomous DNA robots.


DNA Screw - Komaba Team

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