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Over recent years, fluorescent nanodiamonds moved into the focus of nanophotonic research due to their unique optical properties. Nanodiamonds possess excellent photostability and exhibit remarkable quantum-physical behavior. Their surfaces are accessible to chemical functionalization and their biocompatibility and nontoxiticity predestine them for future in vivo studies. So far, nanodiamonds have been utilized in various applications such as biolabeling, single-particle-tracking, or single-photon experiments. Nevertheless, a controlled arrangement of nanodiamonds is required to provide addressable structures and to ultimately perform quantum-information experiments. DNA origami provides a bottom-up technique to easily create 3D shapes of basically any geometry, which in turn would allow for the nanoscale arrangement of DNA-functionalized nanodiamonds. With this aim in mind we developed a biocompatible coating strategy to functionalize the diamonds surface in order to attach them to specific sites on DNA origami structures. Proper placement of the functionalized nanodiamonds was verified via TEM and AFM measurements. We expect our assemblies to open the route for both fundamental quantum-mechanical studies and biological applications with fluorescent nanodiamonds.


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