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Why Cosmetics
Biomolecular System?

   In the world, there are a number of difficult things whose goals vary according to the lapse of time and particular requisite functions such as beauty, fashion and romance. And engineers cannot set these particular goals. However, molecular systems, constructed so far, were limited to achieve only fixed goals. They cannot solve the delicate problems described above. So now, we need a brand-new system that can cope with those various needs that is different from individual to individual. In the present study, we’ve aimed to expand the utility of biomolecular systems and to change relationship between engineers and users to more liberal one. We have constructed the versatile biomolecualr system for cosmetics that can live up to many kinds of human sensibility. Our system meets the demands of users in a flexible manner, similar to a smart phone. Smart phones have a flexible function that meets the user’s taste, multiple functions for a device, and a switch to turn itself on/off. We hope that our new type of biomolecular system have flexibility and diversity of purpose, and have an impact on the biomolecular system design.




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