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1. Protocols

   UV-tuning parasol

1.1. The spectrum measurement of gold nanoparticles
1.2. Gold nanoparticles and thiol modified DNA conjugation
1.3. Observation of Optical responsivity with UV
1.4. Threshold
1.5. Reaction of Linker-output complex and DNA signal
1.6. Reaction of Threshold complex and DNA signal
1.7. Thresholding the amount of DNA signal
1.8. Conjugating polystyrene micro beads with DNA by biotin and streptavidin
1.9. Electrophoresis of the crosslinking structure
1.10. Break the connection between gold nanoparticles and micro-sized beads
1.11. Make the connection between gold nanoparticles and polystyrene micro beads
1.12. Confirm that ssRNA is not degraded by RNaseH

   Controlable Makeup

1.13. Make Three-dimension crystal structure of polystyrene micro beads
1.14. Observation of plasmon resonance
1.15. Creating Three-dimension structure by gold
1.16. Change of the polystyrene micro beads’ distance and structural colors

2. Material Lists and Kits
3. Software




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