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            Drag on us!! 

B3 Honami Sakaizawa B3 Asuka Masui B3 Nao Yamamoto

B3 Takeya Sho B3 Tadashi Shiozawa B3 Toshihiro Hayashi
B3 Atsushi Kayama B3 Taku Ueki B3 Noriaki Shimamoto




Technical Support

Tokyo Institute of Technology


   As one of the top universities in Japan, Tokyo Institute of Technology seeks to contribute to civilization, peace and prosperity in the world, and aims at developing global human capabilities par excellence through pioneering research and education in science and technology, including industrial and social management. To achieve this mission, we have an eye on educating highly moral students to acquire not only scientific expertise but also expertise in the liberal arts, and a balanced knowledge of the social sciences and humanities, all while researching deeply from basics to practice with academic mastery. Through these activities, we wish to contribute to global sustainability of the natural world and the support of human life.
"Mission of Tokyo Institute of Technology"



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