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MIT Self-Assembly Lab 2013/About Us

Our Team

Skylar Tibbits
Faculty Mentor

A trained Architect and Computer Scientist whose research focuses on developing self-assembly technologies.Skylar is a research scientist at MIT's Department of Architecture.He's also the founder of the Self-Assembly Lab.

Lina Kara'in
Project Lead- Student

My name is Lina Kara'in and I'm an international student from Jerusalem, Palestine. I’m currently a junior in the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT. I'm majoring in Architectural Design and minoring in Energy Studies.

Marianna Gonzalez

My name is Marianna Gonzalez and I'm originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico (although I've lived in the bordering city - El Paso, Texas - all my life). I'm currently a junior at Wellesley College and am majoring in Architecture.

Monica Zhou

My name is Monica Zhou and I'm from the wild farmlands of New Jersey. I'm a senior studying Architecture and Neurobiology at Harvard.

Joaquin Navarro

My name is Joaquin Navarro and I'm a builder, if something need to be made, I can find a way to make it. I'm a third year engineering student at the Universidad del Desarrollo in Chile.

Amir Soltanianzadeh

My name is Amir Soltanianzadeh and I'm a California native, studying biomedical engineering at Boston University.

Other Project Contributors

Jose Gomez-Marquez, Little Devices Lab, MIT
Anna Young, Little Devices Lab, MIT
Carlos Olguin, Bio/Nano Programmable Matter Research Group, Autodesk
Joseph Schaeffer, Bio/Nano Programmable Matter Research Group, Autodesk
Helena de Puig Guixe,Gehrke Lab
Justina Tam,Gehrke Lab

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