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    Postdoctoral Scholar

Alessio Andreoni

    Year: Junior

    Major: Molecular Biology

    Motivation to Join Biomod: I am continually awed by the amazing

    capability of nature to evolve such intricate and precise mechanisms. By

    joining BIOMOD, I am pursuing my research goal of understanding and

    emulating life at the nanoscale.

Sam Gowland

    Postdoctoral Scholar

Sarah Henry

    Year: Senior

    Major: Medicinal Biochemistry

    Motivation to Join Biomod: I love utilizing the wonders of nature

    to create and discover,and BIOMOD serves as a great opportunity to

    collaborate and gain experience in doing just that.

Ryan Merkley

    Year: Junior

    Major: Computer Science

    Motivation to Join Biomod: Biomod gave me an opportunity to

    apply my interest and skills regarding web development by building

    a wiki to showcase the efforts of Nanodevils.

Sishir Mohan

    Year: Junior

    Major: Biochemistry and Biophysics

    Motivation to Join Biomod: I love to learn about life and understand

    how it works (hence my choice of majors), and BIOMOD is a fun

    way to combine this love with creating something new.

Caraline Sepich

    Year: Junior

    Major: Biochemistry

    Motivation to Join Biomod: Understanding things on the nano level is

    fascinating and designing things on this level is even more spectacular.

Marzia Shah

    Year: Senior

    Major: Biochemistry Emphasis in Epigenetics

    Motivation to Join Biomod: To learn more about the fundamentals and

    applications atmosphere of DNA Nanotechnology. Also to engage

    in a team based collaborative pertaining to my field of biochemistry.

Brendan Sullivan

    Faculty Collaborator

Dr. Neal Woodbubry

    Faculty Collaborator

Dr. Hao Yan

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