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Team DNAbeans 2014


Welcome to the DNAbeans project page. We are working to bring the properties of the nanoscale to the macroscale. On this page, below, you can find our video. Above are links to view our project, lab results, and SEM images. Feel free to ask us any questions. Send us an email at

An Introductory Film About DNAbeans

Our project deals with the functionalization and placement of gold nanoparticles in order to take advantage of plasmonic properties. This is achieved by using DNA self-assembly by attaching a linker strand to the gold nanoparticles and complementary strands to the DNA origami. This process is detailed in the video.

Goals, Hopes, and Aspirations
The ultimate goal of Team DNAbeans is to develop novel macroscale arrangements of asymmetrical nanoscale particles. We believe that this arrangement will produce novel properties that can be exploited in the realm of electronics and communication. The close proximity of the gold nanorods and quantum dots will foster plasmonic resonance. This macroscopic arrangement would also be a first as previous work has only focused on nanoscale ordering. This macroscale ordering will open the doors to new processes and may yield new hardware to use in communications.

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