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team hokudai

team hokudai


  The aim of this project is to establish a method to control the spatial arrangement and polarity of biomolecular motors which is smallest power unit of biological system. Biomolecular motors are organized into various structures which play important roles in a number of biological processes under regulation of space arrangement in vivo. As the ultimate form of assembly of biomoelcular mortors, skeletal muscle has highly organized structure composed of sarcomeres, smallest contractile units of muscles, which are oriented structure of biomolecular motor actin-myosin complex. This high organized structure generates dynamic and rapid contraction of the muscle.
  Recently a number of techniques to produce various assembllies of biomolecular motors have been developed. However it is still challenging to reconstruct the muscle from biomolecular motors due to difficulty in space arrangement and control of polarity of biomolecular motors. Here we try to control the space arrangement and polarity of biomolecular motors under local temperature gradient using photo irradiation. This project will foster application of biomolecular motors for bio soft actuators.

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