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Cancer treatment is still a challenging issue. We tried to create Polymeric and Liposomal Immune Cell (PoLICe), which moves autonomously and attacks cancer cells. Upon receiving outside signals, PoLICes get activated and initiate polymerization of inner monomers. Consequently, PoLICes migrate and start patrolling our body to find and kill cancer cells. Active transport system of PoLICes makes it possible to execute precise surveillance at single cell resolution, which is not easy in diffusion movement base targeting of conventional Drug Delivery System (DDS).

In our summer project, we tried to make prototype of PoLICe. We designed two DNA origami structures: the Receptor, which receives an outside signal molecule and causes signal transduction into PoLICe, and the Motor-Monomer, which polymerizes according to a signal from the Receptor. Our purpose is to change the shape of liposmes upon signal activation, which is the first step toward to create an artificial cell patrolling our body to find and treat the cancer cells at single cell resolution.


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