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Living organisms are sensitive to various time changes of things, and it contributes to our life to a pretty good extent. In view of bionanotechnology, such as DNA computing and the formation of DNA nanostructures, it is important to sense and control the order and timing of molecular reactions as well. In this project, we propose an output system of releasing DNA molecules in a certain order. Sequential processing is the core of our system: our product inputs a DNA strand and then outputs corresponding DNAs according to the information coded in the input. When the input strand is “x1- x2- x3”, for example, it returns the output of X1, X2, and X3 DNA with this order by the reaction with molecules in a solution. We are investigating this system through simulations and experiments. If the output DNA is paired with a liposome and able to make it release its payloads, the system is expected to achieve the ordered molecule releasing system from liposomes. If we set medicine as the payload, this system can be applied to Drug Delivery System. However, here we propose entertainments that give us more delightful senses: “World Taste Travel”. That is, by replacing the payload to taste component, we can taste various “cuisines” all over the world, automatically changing one by one.

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