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EchiDNA 2014

If it weren't for the generous support of our amazing sponsors, team echiDNA would not currently be a thing. Doing science can be expensive, and Boston is pretty far from Sydney. Check these guys out and show them some love.

Our Main Sponsor

Other Sponsors


FundScience is Australia’s first non-for-profit crowdfunding platform dedicated to supporting scientific research, training and innovation. Thanks to the generosity of the legendary people listed below, we reached our funding goal!

Thank you so much:

Solveig Hu
Arya Viswanathan
Bala Sethuram
James Fahy
Nathan Papson
Brett Hoppenbrouwer
Barker College
Vivian Li
Chris Freel
Tina Alexander
John Tuckwell
Gaye Tombs
Jared Kong
Alice Huang
Lizzie Horne
Eddie Ip
Mindy McDouall
Melanie Maslem
Evan Predavec
Kim Woollett
Anthony Rey
Stephanie Bennett
Aleisa Jelbart
Robbie Oppenheimer
Bryan Leaw
Hayden Lee
Maria Oh
Alexander Janczuk
Angela Cho
Xin Du
Alice Brown

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