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The OhioMOD Team

Name: Dr Castro

Year in school: Forever

Fun fact: Still likes cross-stitching

Name: Devan Allen

Year in school: Senior

Hometown:Detroit, MI

Major:Material Science Engineering

Fun fact: I was born with an extra finger

Name: Alivia Lahr

Year in school: Sophmore

Hometown:Pickerington, OH

Major:Mechanical Engineering

Fun fact: I was once at a music festival and ended up in a 21 pilots music video that they filmed there.

Name: Shabaz Khan

Year in school: Sophmore

Hometown:Westerville, OH

Major:Biochemistry and Economics

Fun fact: Colorless green ideas sleep furiously

Name: Anjelica Kucinic

Year in school: Junior

Hometown:Rocky River, OH

Major:Chemical Engineering

Fun fact: I have a twin sister and it is a mystery as to whether we are identical or fraternal!

Name: Kate Clelland

Year in school: Sophomore

Hometown:Dublin, OH

Major:Chemical Engineering

Fun fact: I once came in second in a reddest hair competition to a brunette and have boycotted the Irish festival ever since.

Name: Kishan Patel

Year in school: Sophomore

Hometown:Hilliard, OH

Major:Biomedical Engineering

Fun fact: I’ve been to seven different countries.

Name: Rushikesh Salvi

Year in school: Senior

Hometown:Columbus, OH

Major:Mechanical Engineering

Fun fact: I can walk on my hands!

Name: Josh Johnson

Year in school: 2nd Year Ph.D

Hometown:Denver, CO


Fun fact: I have invented over 100 useless things.

Name: Jenny Lee

Year in school: 3rd Year Ph.D

Hometown:Lake Forest, CA


Fun fact: Has an unnaturally high pain tolerance.

Name: Megan Moore

Year in school: Senior

Hometown:Chesterland, OH

Major:Visual Communication Design

Fun fact: Won a bronze medal in a Physics competition in high school before I ever took the class and I want to be a medical illustrator.

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