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Representative Publications:

Christiaen L, Davidson B, Kawashima T, Powell W, Nolla H, Vranizan K and Levine M (2008) The transcription/migration interface in heart precursors of Ciona intestinalis. Science 320(5881):1349-1352.

Beh J, Shi W, Levine M, Davidson B and Christiaen L (2007) FoxF is essential for FGF-induced migration of heart progenitor cells in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis. Development 134(18):3297-3305.

Davidson B, Shi W, Beh J, Christiaen L and Levine MS (2006) FGF signaling delineates the cardiac progenitor field in the simple chordate, Ciona intestinalis. Genes & Dev. 20(19):2728-2738.

Davidson B and Christiaen L (2006) Linking chordate gene networks to cellular behaviour in ascidians. Cell 124(2):247-250.

Christiaen, L., Stolfi, A., Davidson, B., and Levine, M. (2009). Spatio-temporal intersection of Lhx3 and Tbx6 defines the cardiac field through synergistic activation of Mesp. Dev Biol 328, 552-60.

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